Below is a summary of some of our launches.

Lockyers Insurance Broker Launch

Here’s a high altitude balloon launch we performed in 2017 for the lovely people at Lockyers, an independent insurance broker.

We launched from Cirencester and the balloon landed a few hours later in a field near Brockhampton recording some great footage during its journey.

Heart Radio Face In Space Launch

A launch we did in 2016 for Heart Radio and the Cheltenham Science Festival sponsored by The Times.
A large competition where listeners sent in Selfies with Lauren the winners face mounted in a frame on our rig below the balloon and sent to Space! Astronaut Tim Peake performed a live broadcast from the ISS to the Festival and the UK Space Agency even retweeted our flight video!


Emerge Energy Drinks Commercial

The Emerge Energy drinks was undertaken in the summer. They ran a competition on over 2 million of their cans called ‘Get your Face In Space’, the winners face was created as a 3D Model and sent into space riding the can. The video can be seen here.

emerge energy space program face into spaceemerge still air upperDownemerge rigPayload recovery emerge stimulation crystalemerge can crystal face in space

Eco Globe Banner Launch (Video)

Check out some stills from our project launch video for the lovely people at Eco Globe ( The summary video can be seen here.

bristolECO GLOBE 3 LAUNCHHABdave chris weather balloon

Bristol Post Banner Launch (Photo)

A launch carried carried out in 2014 with the Bristol Post logo using a specialised time lapse photographic camera to take hundreds of spectacular photos of the banners ascent upwards.

st annes weather balloonHAB james mayIMG_3400face in space st annes

Wedding Proposal Launch

A launch in 2013 for Tim & Judith who are now happily engaged as a result of this memorable wedding proposal. Tim opted for our high resolution stills camera package which took hundreds of photos throughout the entire flight.

Tim projected the images on a hotel wall, with romantic music playing Tim got down on one knee and proposed to an emotional Judith. She said yes.

teddy bearteddy bearmagazine

International Astronomy Show (IAS)

A promotional launch for the International Astronomy Show (, who we are also partners with.

Eddie Murphy Launch

A promotional launch for one of our clients, Crystal Face, who manufacture various size acrylic blocks with etched 3D images inside.

Day Launch

Some unobstructed photos taken showing the curvature of the earth and the blue of our planet merging into the darkness of space using our time lapse camera.

Sunset Launch

Different launch times can have a dramatic effect on photos. Here we have an evening sunset launched at 6:30pm using our timelapse camera.

Gromit in Space

A launch performed for Blackhorse Primary School. Our challenge? To send a Gromit (as in Wallace & Gromit) into space wearing a Blackhorse school uniform! We gave an assembly to 400 excited pupils then drove to Tewkesbury to launch with selected eager pupils and headteachers spectating.

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