Welcome to the questions part of the site:

1. What is Face in Space?

Face in Space was set up to provide stunning space photography with an ‘item’ of your choosing in the foreground. We attach the item to a ‘payload’ containing photographic equipment where we launch it to 110,000ft or 34km above the earth to offer a unique and fascinating panorama.

2. What Can I Send Up?

Common requests are photos of yourself/friend/family member, business cards, company/event logos, products and even marriage proposals! There really is a wide range of options. (weight and size restrictions apply

3. How do you do it?

We send your item into Near Space using a very tried and tested process performed regularly by the Met office, using large meteorological weather balloons with a recovery parachute forced closed on ascent suspended below, and below that a small payload box containing GPS tracking and photographic equipment. When the balloon reaches maximum altitude it bursts due to pressure difference, the payload then descends with the parachute automatically deployed above.

The balloon and payload are tracked in real time by our ground crew who recover the payload when it lands a few hours later.

4. Is it Legal?

Yes. All our flights have to be cleared well in advance with the Civil Aviation Authority, who govern UK airspace. They check the details of each of our launches such as launch location, time, recovery parachute fitted etc

In addition, we meticulously plan all our flights, running simulations to calculate ascent and descent flight paths and have full bespoke public liability insurance for extra peace of mind.

4. Who?

Whether you want to surprise a friend for their birthday with an exclusive picture of them actually in Near Space or you are a corporate customer wishing to promote your business/product or service.

Face in Space have even been involved in recent charity work, by helping City of Bristol Rowing Club raise awareness of their proposed new boathouse fundraising plan by sending a miniture lego figure in the clubs green livery holding 2 Oars to the edge of the atmosphere. We then went on a PR campaign to promote the launch in the media.

We have some very high profile launches going ahead in the next few months which we will be showcasing on our site afterwards.

5. Why?

Face in Space offers an opportunity like no other which is literally out of this world! (excuse the pun).

6. How much does it cost?

See here: www.faceinspace.co.uk/services


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