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We send projects of your choice into 'Near Space' on weather balloons with the REAL background of earths atmosphere merging into the blackness of space. Get images or videos back with the vast expanse of space as the backdrop.

Whether you want to promote your companies brand with a company logo, slogan, small item or send a photo of yourself or a friend for a special occasion we have got it covered!

Company BIO

Face in Space is a company based in Bristol, UK that was born out of a passion for experimentation in the field of aerospace and defence engineering. We have now launched over 40 exciting projects in space since Face In Space was just a concept back in 2008.

Theres never been more global media interest in Space, especially with astronaut Tim Peakes excellent high profile work on the International Space Station and the ambitious plans of private company, SpaceX.

Using our understanding of design and engineering to enable customers to refine technical methodology to deliver fantastic near space imaging and payload design we will deliver stunning high altitude visuals. Advice on optimal product placement and design of additional items can be offered to deliver amazing photographs or video.

What Clients Says


Detailed below are some of the services we offer. We are always keen to develop new ideas, so if it’s not on the list please contact us to see if we can meet your requirements!

'Bespoke’ Launches

  • Small to Larger object Launches Bespoke Designed Rig / 2 HD Video Cameras for greater visual angles and impact / More flexibility of what sent up Increased payload weight

‘Interactive’ Launches

  • This package offers customisation and ensures a unique balloon launch with a difference
  • there are increased options for interactive payloads and experimenting with moving objects.

‘Small Object’ Launches

  • Enhanced flexibility to put a small item of your choice at the end of our rigs boom or on a special platform. There are many options available for what could be mounted
  • previous requests have ranged from wedding proposals (see below)
  • legomen to Gromit the dog on behalf of a school.

'Banner' Launches

  • We will mount your message/photo/logo on a piece of card on a boom in front of the camera offering something exclusive you will treasure for a lifetime.

Keep in Touch

To contact the Face In Space team for more information or enquiries regarding a launch request/suggestion do not hesitate to contact us directly by our telephone number or at the email below and we will try and respond as quickly as possible!

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